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About Us

The Water District is governed by a Board of Directors. The positions are elected and are 4-year terms. Any property owner within Irish Beach is eligible to serve as a Director. Election of Directors are by ad valorem vote of property owners as specified in the California Water Code.

Notice on Current Director Term Vacancy

Commendment Resolution for Board Member Leon Drolet

The Directors elect officers in accordance with the Water District by laws. The current Directors and Officers are:

Ken Terry - President - Term ends Dec. 15, 2023
Joe Ellison - Vice President - Term ends Dec. 15, 2021
Vacant Term - Director - Term ends Dec. 15, 2021
Brad Dyson - Director - Term ends Dec. 15, 2023
Steve Whitaker - Secretary - Term ends Dec. 15, 2023

The day to day operations of the District are managed by General Manager Charlie Acker. Charlie also manages part-time employees, Paul DeVaul (Technician) and Rio Russell (Water Technician) and RJ Dial (Technician). The District's administrative affairs, including budgeting, billing and arranging for hookups are managed by the District's Office Manager/Accountant/Clerk, Judy Murray.

The Watershed Map of the Irish Beach Water District

The Board of Directors meet the second Saturday of every odd month at 10:00 a.m. at the Irish Beach Fire House. The By Laws provide for meetings every odd numbered month (i.e: Jan, Mar, ...)

Irish Beach Water District
P.O Box 67
15401 Forest View Road
Manchester, CA 95459-0067

District Phone Number's:
General Manager: (707)347-1093, Water office: (707)882-2892,
Admin office: (707)900-1104 and email jmurray@mcn.org

-Current Events-

-Next meeting: Jan. 9, 2021
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