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Water rates for the delivery and use of water are set by the Board of Directors based upon budgetary requirements for general operating expenses. The District currently has 201 connected parcels. Once the meter is installed the customer starts to pay the availability charge plus any water usage. The District has a few parcels not yet connected to the system and put in place Resolution 2009-2.
The District bills every two months and the current rates in effect are as follows:

Current Availability: $78.87 Per month.

Current Usage: $5.80 per 1,000 gallons (prorated to the gallon)

The District's Pass and Proposed Increases

Application for Water Meter Hookup


Irish Beach Water District
P.O. Box 67
15401 Forest View Road
Manchester, CA 95459-0067

District Phone Number's:
General Manager: (707)347-1093, Water office: (707)882-2892,
Admin office: (707)900-1104 and email jmurray@mcn.org

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Jan. 9, 2021
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