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Litigation Status

Litigation Moores vs IBWD

Trial Briefs IBWD Trial Brief and Moores Phase I Trial Brief

The 2012 Court's Final Decision Moores v. Irish Beach Water District
In Breif, the court ruled against the District as to liability for inverse condemnation as to the T5 Well in a decision dated June 20, 2012. No monetary damages were awarded and a new trial to determine damages, if any, is set August 18, 2014. The trial was continued into September 2014, no date has been set. The court also issued a subsequent decision on August 27, 2014 clarifying certain issues.

In 2020:

  • September 2020, President Terry's Letter.
  • Frequently asked questions on current Litigation.

  • In 2019: Appellate Brief

    In 2017: Litigation Judgment.
    Final Judgment May 2017.
    Response to Media Statements.

    In 2015: The Court made this decision - Phase 2.
    Defendant's Objections to statement of decision - Phase 2.
    Mr. Moores Objections to statement of decision - Phase 2. Courts Final statement of decision issued on objections Phase 2.

    More information will be placed on the Distrcit's web site once available.

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