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Capital Projects

The Irish Beach Water District (IBWD) conducts its procurement process in an open and fair manner. Everyone involved with the procurement process is required to abide by the policies and procedures adopted by the District. If your firm is interested in suppling materials or services to the IBWD, one of the most important things you can do is submit a request to be placed on the IBWD Qualified Contractors List. Click here .to submit a request to register as a vendor.

2002 Capital Replacement Fund Engineering Report

DWR T2 Grant Project - Exemption IBWD
  • 1979 Easements
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  • Exhibit A1
  • Maps 86_075
  • IBWD BLA Site Plan

    DWR Grant Application - Well Activation & Tank Restoration 2022

    IBWD Special Benefit Assessment Engineering Study RFP November 14, 2022

    Raw Water Line Pipe July 29, 2016

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    Questions on the Water District Operations or your water (707)357-1093
    or email: general.manager@ibwd.org
    Questions about your billing, accounts issues or other inquires: (707)882-2892
    or email: irishbeachwaterdistrict@gmail.com

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