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Under Government Code §26909, Special Districts are required to have annual independent audits conducted by the county auditor or a certified public accountant. This information is also filed with the State Controller's Office.

Under a Proposition 218 ballot process, property owners have voted a benefit assessment for each parcel in the District. As a result the assessment is no longer billed by the District but has been applied to the property tax collected by the County of Mendocino. The assessment charge for this fiscal year (October 1 through Septempber 30) is $249.24 per parcel whether a bare lot or a home. The District currently has 459 parcels that pay the Capital Improvement Assessment fee. However, until connected there are a number of parcels in the Distirct that do not pay the assessment such as the acreage parcels, Nichols Ranch and a few others. The funds collected go into a special reserve account that has restricted use. The District will continue to collect fee's under the specification within the 2002 Engineer's Report for Capital Improvements.

The Water District's Annual Assessments and Budgets are listed below and the approved Resolutions are included on the second page of each document..

Draft Budget 2018-2019

Budget 2017-2018

Budget 2016-2017

Assessment 2015-2016

Budget 2015-2016

Assessment 2014-2015

Budget 2014-2015

Assessment 2013-2014

Budget 2013-2014

Assessment 2012-2013

Budget 2012-2013

Assessment 2011-2012

Budget 2011-2012

Assessment 2010-2011

Budget 2010-2011

Assessment 2009-2010

Assessment Breakdown 2009-2010

Budget 2009-2010

Assessment 2008-2009

Budget 2008-2009

Assessment 2007-2008

Budget 2007-2008

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