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Under Government Code §26909, Special Districts are required to have annual independent audits conducted by the county auditor or a certified public accountant. This information is also filed with the State Controller's Office.

The District currently has 459 parcels and 207 are connected to the District's water source. The Distirct bills every two months and this fiscal water rate charge will start wth the March/April billing cycle at $0.83 per 100 gallons and the monthly availability charge remains that same at $108.56 per month , $217.12 every two months.

The Water District's fiscal year starts in October through September. The Annual Budgets are listed below and the approved Resolutions are included on the second page of each document..

Budget 2023-2024

Budget 2022-2023

Budget 2021-2022

Budget 2020-2021

Budget 2019-2020

Budget 2018-2019

Budget 2017-2018

Budget 2016-2017

Budget and Assessments 2007 thr 2016

Irish Beach Water District
P.O. Box 67
15401 Forest View Road
Manchester, CA 95459 0067

District Phone Number's:
Questions on the Water District Operations or your water (707)357-1093
or email: general.manager@ibwd.org
Questions about your billing, accounts issues or other inquires: (707)882-2892
or email: irishbeachwaterdistrict@gmail.com

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Sept.. 14, 2024
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